Don’t tell too many people about this offer.

If you’ve been thinking of getting fit but can’t commit to a 6 or 8 week challenge (at considerable cost), this is the perfect way to get started, test out our gym and see if you fit in.

There’s nothing worse than locking into an expensive, restrictive contract when you don’t know if you’ll end up getting value for money.

No one wants to join a fitness cult either if you don’t fit in.

So here’s an offer you should consider.

Our pass gives you unlimited access for 3 weeks to all of our functional training, mobility, yoga and pilates classes.

What is our ethos and style?

Nobody likes working out alone – these are all social, group workouts.

In order to feel better, get fit and improve your body, you can’t stick to the same routine of pumping iron or running endlessly on a treadmill.

We combine strength training, mobility and fitness into a holistic series of workouts that change very regularly. Incorporating yoga, pilates, callisthenics (body weight exercises), weights, cardio and mobility all together.

You also get personal trainer benefits as we restrict out classes to just 18 people, meaning our trainers will watch and help you improve your technique each time. Everyone is different and has different strengths and weaknesses so this part is very critical if you want to improve.

Best of all we’re selective about who we let join to ensure our space remains an open-minded, positive atmosphere without the egos.

So if this sounds like you…

Save $148 (full price $198) before 10 June

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